Missions, Globalization and Cows

With the growth of communications technology and aviation, the world we live in is getting smaller and smaller. About ten years ago, it seemed unlikely that an employee would work with another nationality, Today, however, you cannot seem to avoid working with people from different backgrounds.

3 Entries that Should be in Your Calendar But Aren’t

Calendar Entry

I was going through Youtube, one time, looking for some keynotes and tutorial videos to watch. Then I stumbled upon this amazing video by Bill Hybels. I have to say, that this is the one of a very few Youtube videos that have really transformed the way I do life completely.

When You’re Spouse Isn’t Being Fair

Reciprocity is important in a relationship. I remember that many people told me before getting married, “Kiko, you have to make sure that you and Ces reciprocate each others efforts.” But what happens when you’re spouse isn’t being fair? What if you’ve been serving non-stop, and your spouse just keeps taking without giving?