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  • Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations: Summary, Key Ideas, and Quotes

    marcus aurelius meditations summary

    If you’ve ever encountered the idea of Stoicism, Marcus Aurelius is a name you might know about. One of the forefront thought leaders in the space, his teachings are central to the Philosophy and his book “Meditations,” one of the most foundational materials. In this Marcus Aurelius Meditations Summary, I share some key insights and…

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  • Atomic Habits Summary: Chapters, Key Points, and More

    Atomic Habits Summary

    This “Atomic Habits” summary will provide you with some key summaries, insights, and some of my personal learnings from the book. If you haven’t read the book yet or you just want to get the key ideas, then read on. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our own habits. We seem to find…

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  • We Don’t Talk About This Person Enough on Holy Week

    Holy Week

    Holy Week is here, and it’s a time to remember Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection. That story is central to the Christian faith and the main theme we celebrate at this time of year—and hopefully every other time as well (topic for another time). But this Holy Week, I’ve been reflecting on another character in…

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  • Crucial Conversations Summary, Thoughts, & Learnings

    Crucial Conversations Summary

    Have you ever found yourself in a conversation that feels more make-or-break than most others? Maybe it was a sales pitch to a big client or a conflict resolution meeting between you and a hostile co-worker. If these sound like your scenarios (or anything in between), I’ve got another book recommendation for you. Let’s dive…

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  • Start With Why Summary and Key Takeaways

    start with why summary

    If you’re feeling lost and purposeless as an organization or individual, “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek should be your next book. This guide dives into an extensive “Start With Why” summary. We’ll also look at key ideas from the book and chapter summaries, and I’ll share some of my takeaways, as always. Bookworms and…

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  • How to Talk to Anyone Summary, Key Ideas, and Reflections

    How to Talk to Anyone

    In this blog, I summarize Leil Lowndes’s “How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships” and share some insights and reflections that will highlight the lessons you need to get the most out of it. How To Talk To Anyone Summary Nowadays, digital communication often overshadows face-to-face interactions, and mastering…

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  • Why So Sad? The Science Behind What Makes Us Happy


    Human beings have long been on this quest to become happy. We chase after hedonistic pleasures, seek success, and chase after experience and material things all because we want to be decidedly happy. Sadly (no pun intended), not everyone experiences true happiness. And it’s not for a lack of effort. Why do so many people…

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  • I Was Wrong About My Calling


    Will your calling always bring meaning, joy, and success? Or could it be the reason why your life is an absolute mess? I once had coffee with this guy who was highly successful, influential, and rich. He was a man on a mission, doing a lot of good for others and living out his calling.…

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  • The 5 AM Club: Summary, Takeaways, and Author

    The 5AM Club Summary

    You’ve probably landed on this article because you’ve heard of Robin Sharma’s “The 5 AM Club” and are looking for a snapshot of the book’s ideas, teachings, and insights. In this article, I share the summary of “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma and share a few of my key takeaways from the book.…

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  • Who Moved My Cheese Summary, Key Takeaways, and Reflections

    Who Moved My Cheese Summary

    If you’re looking for a “Who Moved My Cheese” summary that gives you the full picture, you’ve landed on the right guide. When you hear the phrase “Who Moved My Cheese,” it might conjure images of a simple children’s story. However, the famous self-help and psychology book is far more than that. The profound parable…

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