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  • Leaders Eat Last Summary: Get the Gist in 5 Minutes

    Leaders Eat Last Summary

    If you’re looking for a great leadership book, Simon Sinek’s “Leaders Eat Last” is a great read. In this article, I’ll share an exhaustive yet brief “Leaders Eat Last” summary that will help you see for yourself if this book is worth reading.

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  • PayPal to GCash: Step-by-Step Transfer Instructions (2023 Update)

    paypal to gcash

    Do you want to learn how to transfer from PayPal to Gcash? Do you often find yourself in a situation where you need to get money from PayPal quickly, but don’t want to wait several days or pay hefty transfer fees? If so, you’re not alone. Many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and online sellers face this challenge…

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  • Stay in Focus: How to Stay Focused and Get More Done

    It’s no secret that distraction can be a real productivity killer. When we have trouble focusing on tasks that deliver results, we get less done and end up having to do more. That’s why learning how to stay focused is highly beneficial for anyone who wants to get more done.

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  • The Best Productivity Apps to Stay Effective (2023)

    productivity apps

    In this article, I walk you through the top tools I’ve used to help me achieve more with lesser input. Let’s dive in.

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  • Why “Sana All” Is Making You Less Happy

    We live in a time when social media tries to hype up lifestyles. And ultimately it often makes us go “sana all.” Are we falling into a trap?

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  • Confessions of A Millionaire: Money, Goals, and True Joy


    Becoming a millionaire is the biggest financial milestone for most. But is it the path to true happiness and success?

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  • How to Beat Work From Home Burnout

    woman experiencing work from home burnout

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for almost two years now. And while the health crisis has been overwhelming, there’s another crisis that has been sweeping the world— a mental health one. With isolation, anxiety, fear, and constant change happening all the time, people worldwide are struggling with burnout. One of the most common…

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  • Online Jobs: Experiencing Growth in the Future of Work

    woman working from home

    The year 2021 was a year of great clarity for my brand as I landed on two key phrases when I really wanted to narrow my life’s work down— escaping burnout and experiencing growth. I realized that if I wanted to do to put more focus, clarity, and impact into what I did, I needed…

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  • Should Christians Listen to Skeptics and Atheists?

    abraham piper skeptic

    A few years ago, at the height of “The Story of God” by Morgan Freeman’s release, I wrote an article about it and encouraged believers to start listening to atheists more. Not many were happy with the post. “That’s absurd. What if I turn into an Atheist myself?” wrote one commenter. I didn’t respond because…

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  • How To Discuss Money as a Couple Without Committing Murder

    fighting couple

    Every June and July, Ces and I go through some heavy expenses— insurances, property taxes, tuition, etc. When these times come, we plan a schedule to pay them. The conversation gets heated as all good conflict should be. Sometimes, our helpers and kids think we’re in a fight, but we’re really just “passionately discussing” our…

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