Christ Cured My Sanity

There’s one part of my life that not many people may know about me today. Almost a decade ago, my life went down a spiral of decadence. It all started when an obvious pattern of fits of rage, panic and sometimes even even a slight manifestation of Dementia started showing themselves. They ruined my relationships, …

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Some Of The Most Dangerous Words I’ve Ever Said To God

What’s the most dangerous thing that you’ve ever said to God? Was it “God, I don’t believe in you,” or “Jesus, you are no longer my Lord”? You’ll be surprised to know the most dangerous words I’ve ever spoken to God are far from that spectrum.

Is Christmas Really Jesus’ Birthday?

One of the biggest traditions surrounding Christmas is the belief that it’s also the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. I’ve so far counted as many as two-hundred “happy birthday, Jesus!” posts on my news feed alone.