No One Knows Justice Like God

I was reading the headlines last night and I came across one in The Times that read “Duterte: I can teach God about justice.” The noise of the political landscape sure has grown and two the many sides have increased in weight intensely since July.

The Most Dirty Word Christians Say

dirty word

The world considers the word “repent” as the most dirty things Christians say. Most people would cringe at the mention of that word because we often picture out a street preacher angrily shouting out to bystanders how sinful and hell-worthy they are when we hear someone say it.

Is Jesus Really Enough?


“Jesus is enough” is one of the most preposterous and liberating statements of the Christian faith . It’s preposterous because the world will not believe that humanity is insufficient. It’s also liberating because that truth gives us power when we realize it’s full essence.

Is God ever unfair towards us?

It has been said by many Bible critics that our God is a God who can sometimes be unfair because He plays favourites. Claiming that God’s special favour over Israel all throughout the Old Testament and His conditional grace that abounds only amongst Christians are proof, these people assert that God is an exclusive God …

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