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Just how much does the Father love us?

Father Heart

Tonight while at the office, I heard one of Chris Tomlin’s newest songs, “Good, Good Father,” and once again, I was wrecked by the Father’s extravagant love. From the office until I went to the mall, I was just extremely overwhelmed by the idea of God’s love that I later found myself crying while going from one store to another. I can just imagine what people though when they saw me (I hope no one recognized me.) (more…)

The 3 Most Important Lessons I Learned in 3 Years of Being a Dad

It was a bright and sunny afternoon, but all I wanted deep down inside was to be in the same dark gloomy room as my wife. I paced back and forth for what seemed like eternity, when it was actually just under thirty minutes. I was sweating and my heart pounding heavily. Might sound like a cliche, but I guess that’s how all daddies-to-be should feel like.

10801972_671970989582496_1473856603513445796_n (more…)