Victory Blog Roll – The Holy Spirit


This week, our blog roll group features posts around the topic of the Holy Spirit. As Victory just started a series on understanding the work and the person of the Holy Spirit, here are some posts that will help you understand the Holy Spirit and how He works in our lives.

Holy Spirit: The Miracle Worker

by Paul Mark Lacerna

“In order for Miracles to happen in our time, we must ask the Lord to empower us to move in the Miraculous because Miracles validate the Gospel! Jesus encouraged us that when we receive the Holy Spirit, we will do greater things for His Glory! We need to continue the Work with the Help of the Holy Spirit.”

The Way of the Paraclete

by Ivan Laurenciano

“One of the tests of orthodoxy (or proper Christian belief) is the acknowledgement of Christ’s divinity and messiahship. In fact, the whole chapter of 1 John 4 is a razor-sharp blade that cuts through the veil that conceals the anti-Christ. How so? Because it is the Spirit Himself who confirms the deity and office of Christ.”

This Ginormous Misunderstanding

by Jojo Agot

“This distinction is important because most of the time, our understanding of the Holy Spirit is simplistic and two dimensional. Without meaning to, we have put the Holy Spirit in a box and expect him to show up only at appropriate times of our worship services”

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