Online Jobs: Experiencing Growth in the Future of Work

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The year 2021 was a year of great clarity for my brand as I landed on two key phrases when I really wanted to narrow my life’s work down— escaping burnout and experiencing growth. I realized that if I wanted to do to put more focus, clarity, and impact into what I did, I needed to focus on these two and nothing else. But then I looked at my content and realized something— I talked a lot about online jobs.

At first, I felt there was a big disconnection in what I was talking about— that I was betraying my commitment to focusing my content and message. But after spending some time to disconnect this Christmas season and reflect with God, my wife, and myself, I’ve come to understand that the home based and online job conversation is still in line with my mission of escaping burnout and experiencing growth.

Escaping Burnout and Experiencing Growth vs Online Careers

There’s no question that people are battling burnout today with the shift to virtual or hybrid work setups. Many people aren’t used to it yet. And there are many that feel stuck in their careers because they can’t adjust to this new reality. There are also those that want to find virtual careers, but don’t know where to start.

Through the help of mentors, a lot of trial and error, and years of exposure to the virtual world, I’ve reached some level of success in my carer, earning six figures in less than two years, building a brand, establishing a virtual service agency with Ces called Block Ten Strategy (I’m the CEO, but she’s the business owner. So, yeah), and finding high-paying clients. We’ve also helped dozens of people and companies do the same, informally coaching them on how to start their online careers, shift their businesses online, or help their teams shift to virtual operations.

So with that said, my brand will start expanding within its boundaries as I start talking more about what I’ve learned over the years about the following topics:

  • The future of work — What jobs will look like in this digital age of cloud-based tech, AI-powered tools, metaverse, blockchain, and so on.
  • Online jobs for beginners — Job opportunities and job hirings that are in hot demand
  • Virtual hirability — Top skills to learn this 2022 and beyond to get an online job
  • Freelancer finance — How to charge without discounting yourself and looking like a “try hard” Chris Do.
  • And many more!

I’m excited to focus on this growing niche! Is there anything else you’d love to learn about online jobs? Let me know!

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