Finding Constants in a World That Always Changes

As Christmas approaches, it’s hard to truly grasp how fast things really go. We’re about to say goodbye to another year that felt like a bullet train that just wooshed by. We’re starting to feel the Christmas rush. And in all that, it’s hard to deny that life is really passing us by.

As things move faster, a lot is changing. And change can be scary. Maybe it’s scaring you during the holidays. And it’s causing despair, anxiety, even hopelessness.

Maybe this Christmas is different because a family member has passed. And this will be the first time you’ll celebrate without him or her. Or maybe this season, you’re in between jobs. Your boss told you that January will be your last month with the company. Maybe this Christmas, your marriage feels different because your spouse isn’t the same person. It feels like the person you married is a stranger.

All the changes can weigh us down. It can cause our holidays to be anything but merry and bright. But in all this, we can find assurance that we have one constant through the holiday season. I am reminded of a scripture found in Malachi 3:6: “I the LORD do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.”

Marriages, family structures, careers, direction, life may change. But God is our constant. The fact that we constantly celebrate him at the end of the year is a fitting reminder that though you were not the same person you were at the start of 2019… Though your circumstance is no longer the same as it was in January… God is still the same.

And His undeniable promise is that because He is the same, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSUMED. You will stand firm. My friend, you will persevere. You will get through this. Hold on, my friend. The God who is constant is on your side. And He is more than enough to sustain you through the fast pace of life, through the change and all the pain that might bring. You can put your trust in Him. He will sustain you.

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