Hi! My Name is Patrick Mabilog.

My friends call me “Kiko” or “Mr. Workaholic” (Not sure if that’s a compliment or insult).

Who I Am

Christ Follower & recipient of Amazing Grace

Husband of Ces and father of Alexa and Sam

Lifelong learner & productivity fanatic.

What I Do

Chief of Business Strategy of Block Ten Strategy.

Business Development Manager of Saasmates.

Podcast Host of Workaholic with Kiko Mabilog

Why I Do It

Experience life to the full.

Grow businesses and give entrepreneurs time and financial freedom.

Help people escape burnout and experience growth.

Oh, I Wrote This Book

It’s about conquering burnout by understanding the true heart and spirit behind Sabbath Rest. Published with CSM Publishing in 2018. Now, working on a follow-up book.

It’s honestly something I’m trying to figure out myself (workaholic remember?). But it’s a journey not a destination. Want to get on the same journey with me?

Ah, Yeah. And I Have a Podcast

Workaholic with Kiko Mabilog is a podcast that helps professionals escape burnout and experience growth so you can hustle without the hurry.

I talk about a bunch of topics, including productivity, work culture, burnout, business, growth, and so on. You can catch it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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