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It's Time You Stopped Struggling with

A Feeling of Being Stuck in Your Career

A Lack of Passion and Inspiration

A Struggle to Stay Motivated at Work

85% of employees don't feel actively engaged at work. — Gallup

Hi! My Name is Patrick

I help people stay inspired, motivated and passionate about work

I’m a C-level professional, entrepreneur, consultant, business development advisor, speaker, passion-chaser, and writer. My mission is to help purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs stay inspired and passionate about work so they can continue pursuing their purpose and growing in their careers.

I have appeared on publications such as Christian Today, Christian Post, Dreamlist, Workwise Asia, Rappler X, Family Wise Asia, Inquirer, Daily Guardian, and Many Others.

"So, Patrick, What Do You Do?"
Where do I begin?


Co-founder of Block Ten Strategy

I co-founded a consulting business with my wife, Ces. We serve clients in the Philippines, United States, Australia, Poland, and other places. We currently serve up to twelve clients at a time.


Chief People Officer of Team Positive

I run people management, partnerships, and projects over at Team Positive Inc, the company of wealth coach, Chinkee Tan. 


Podcast Host of "Workaholic"

I also have a weekly podcast show where I talk about work, and how to be more engaged and happy about what you do for a living. This also entails posting regular content on my social media accounts and doing regular interviews.


Author, Trainer, Speaker

I have written a few books so far, including “Hustle Muscle,” “Passion is Dead,” “Break: Conquering Burnout with Sabbath Rest,” and “Canvas and Manuscript.” I also get invited to contribute to many blogs.


Volunteer Preacher and Teacher

There was once a time where I worked fulltime in church ministry, until I felt God calling me to the marketplace. But even then, I still had a passion for serving the Lord and His people. So now, I preach, teach, and lead at a volunteer capacity.


Father and Husband

Last, but not the least, I serve and lead my family. I constantly fight for date nights and make sure to maximize time with the kids. I also homeschool our eldest and take my wife to plant hunting and shopping sprees (my most important job!)

I know what you're thinking...


Well it’s not easy for sure, but it is possible. And my goal is to help people achieve the same.

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Passion, motivation, and growth should prevail in the modern workplace.
Patrick Mabilog

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