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Hi there! My name is Patrick Mabilog.

Before I talk about me, let’s first talk about you. If you’re reading this page then I’d like you to know that you are my mission. Whoever you are or whatever situation you are in, I want to help you in some way or another grow in your leadership. I’m no expert but I might know one thing or another that could help you out.

The four areas I like discussing most are faith, family, leadership and work. If you want to learn a thing or two from my experiences and gleanings you can check them out here.

So enough about you. What about me? (Ha.)

With my family - Team Mabilog

My life’s greatest highlight is that I have hit the jackpot and have married my bestfriend and secret weapon, Ces, and we have one daughter, my warrior princess, Alexa Margaret. My family is the one thing on earth that I am more passionate than work. It is my dream and ambition to come home to a happy family, everyday.

I work as staff of Victory Iloilo Discipleship Director and Communications Administrator where we train disciples to follow Jesus, fellowship with believers and fish for people.

My core passion is leadership and passion, and my goal is to train 10,000 people (and that may also include you!) to become even better leaders in their respective areas of influence. I believe that to become a leader is to have a healthy view of passion, purpose and relationships.

On occasion I also work as a writer for other various blogs on topics about career, work, business, behavior and intentional living. One of the bigger blogs I write for is Christian Today, where I write about faith, work, leadership and ministry.

I’m also into public speaking, and have taught on various topics including leadership, work, passion, design, productivity, discipleship, faith and many more. I started holding a microphone in front of crowds about nine years ago, and have now spoken to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of listeners.

Patrick Speaking Engagement
I’ve had experience speaking to up to thousands of Students
Patrick Speaking Engagement 2
I’ve spoken for I.T. Conferences, Social Enterprise Forums, Leadership Seminars, Business Trainings and Many more.


This is a personal blog and the ideas are my own and are in no way associated with any of the organizations I am affiliated with unless otherwise stated.