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Gain A Better Work Day (Part 2): The One Practice That Will Make Your Mornings More Productive

We’re going through this series called “Gain A Better Work Day,” where we want to look at some practices and principles that will improve the way you deliver at work with the limited yet valuable time you put into things that matter. Last week, we talked about how to prepare for the unexpected so that you don’t fumble and panic on the spot. (more…)


Gain A Better Work Day (Part 1): 7 Ways To Prepare For Unexpected Emergencies

I don’t think I’ve ever done a blog series in my life and I really don’t know why. The first minute I thought of the idea, I jumped right into it because I know it can and will provide more value for you. I’m doing this series called “Gain A Better Work Day” by sharing insights and principles that will help you crush those work days, and build a strong discipline that will make you hustle harder but also waste less time, energy and resources. (more…)